Algorithms in Context presents:
Online Talk with Helena Nikonole

Algorithms in Context (AiC) invites you to an online talk "AI and arts: Aesthetics and politics of artificial neural networks"
with Helena Nikonole on 05.07.2022, 18:00 CET.

​​Machine learning or AI is a general-purpose technology which means that it can be broadly implemented and transforms human and society.
Due to its universality AI becomes a great tool for artists and designers, working with peculiar AI-aesthetics.

But machine learning is also a part of algorithmic power structure: from digital control to AI decision-making.
Artists explore these power structures and ethical issues related to the implementation of AI algorithms.
During the lecture we will study different artistic methods: from visual aesthetics experiments to critical research projects.

AIC (Algorithms In Context) is an association of artists, researchers, and students at the University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main.

Within AIC we focus on critical research of algorithms, their potential and risks, their impact on society, arts, culture, economy, environment, politics, and therefore all of our daily lives.

Moreover, we try to address how we as artists can creatively deal with algorithms and AI in particular: On the one hand, we are looking for ways to embed AI in our creative production practice or even collaborate with technological systems. On the other hand, we would like to develop methods to address important ethical issues through our artistic work and critically discuss recent technological developments. As part of the AIC project, we will also offer classes and provide students with extensive resources like workshops and specialist literature.

Overall we plan to create a platform for critical debate on topics like Algorithmic Bias, Gender, Race, and Class in AI and Tech, State Surveillance and Corporate Surveillance, Data Collection, Privacy, Recommendation Systems, Social Networks, Robotics, and many more. Another of our concerns is to network and cooperate with other institutions and players, share experiences and knowledge, exchange ideas and thoughts, and work on collaborative projects.

AIC is made possible by Friederichs Stiftung.

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